Field Of Flowers has launched a ground-breaking concept with the debut of their trademark FlowerBar. All Field Of Flowers retail locations feature a new FlowerBar where you can design and create your own professional-looking bouquets with the assistance of floral experts. With the help of Field Of Flowers and The FlowerBar, your designs will be unique and appropriate for all settings and events regardless of the occasion.

 The FlowerBar empowers you to become an expert florist by giving you lessons, tips, and the necessary tools to create the ultimate bouquets for your friends, family, and home. It's is an exciting environment where you create the arrangement you desire using flowers individually hand-picked by yourself or you may choose from a curated selection of featured DIY FlowerKits. Classes are packed with informative tips and vary from beginner to expert, from centerpieces to hand-tied bouquets to succulents and ikebanas. Our FlowerBar Guides are always there to guide you in creating the bouquet of your choice, whether it's in a class, walk-in DIY, or at a party.


It starts early, our love and appreciation of receiving flowers, at least it did for me. I was never much of a dancer (I'm still not), but I remember my parents having flowers waiting for me after my very first dance recital.

And how about that very first Dance in middle school when everyone is awkward, but the corsage you got before the dance was beautiful and matched your dress perfectly!

Flowers make you feel better, no matter what the occasion. They effortlessly bring you joy, like being around family and friends. So imagine how excited I was when I found a place to go where I was surrounded by flowers and had the chance to create my own designs (with a little help).

The FlowerBar is what I always wanted. A place to relax, unwind, sit with family and friends and share my passion of these natural beauties. 

I hope you will join me and come visit us at The FlowerBar. You can come in to any of our stores from 10-5pm daily and make your own arrangement, or join us for a fun night of flowers and drinks for one of our group flower classes. Finally, if there are any special occasions in your life, we can accommodate private parties from 10 to 100 people at our place or yours.

Let's start making some new memories with flowers, at The FlowerBar.